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Meet Ron

Ron is an artist and a problem solver.  He is a true Gemini in that he is one of those rare people who uses both sides of his brain equally...both the artistic & creative right side and the left side that is decisive, realistic, logical and can deal with numbers. 

"The View from the edge is always the most fulfilling, but sometimes the scariest."  -unknown

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I am a romantic and a dreamer.  I thought I was meant to be a physical therapist until I had a brain bleed when I was 23 and fell in love with photography.  I believe God gave me the gift of photography and I feel blessed.  

Every day is a gift that I do not take for granted.  

Hi! I'm Ellen

*photograph by Lee Goss

Ellen-Photographer & Stroke Survivor

Long Version:

I began creating images when I found out that I was going to be moving to Georgia to go to graduate school for physical therapy.  I was excited, but sad.  I was leaving everything and everyone I knew behind in Mississippi. I only had a point and shoot, but I would take a roll of film (pre-digital!) a day and have it developed that day so I could see what I could do to improve.

3 months later I moved to Georgia.  

2 months after that I had a massive cerebral hemorrhage and lost the ability to read, write, speak or feel my right arm (among other things).  

After a couple of years of speech and other therapies, I found that going back to school was not feasible for me, but that photography was a gift that God had given me.  

I love being able to create custom art for people so that they too can capture those fleeting moments in time and enjoy them in their homes as wall art and art books.

Life is a blessing.  I've been blessed twice.  

Meet Him

Cliff Notes Version:

~ PHOTOGRAPHY (but no ugly bugs, yuck!) ~ READING (but not sci-fi) 
~ CATS (we have 4) 
~ LISTS (of everything) 
~ TRAVELLING (road trips!) 
~ 5 hour ENERGY 
~ blues, greens & purples 
~ AUNT to 2 adorable nieces (oldest and tallest niece pictured here with me:) 
~ random TRIVIA 
~ romance 
~ MISSISSIPPI (have lived in Ocean Springs, Cleveland, Jackson) 
~ Gulf Coast 
~ rocks & minerals (fluorite) 

Meet Me

long version

Ron-Photographer,Industrial Designer, Mad Scientist & more 



Industrial Designer

 Mad Scientist

 & more 

Cliff Notes Version:

~PHOTOGRAPHY (actually in National Geographic!)
~MAKER (of cool stuff)
~TOOLS (hasn't met one he didn't like to my knowlege) 
~SPACE (however you want to take it...outer space or space for tools:)
~GLASS BLOWING (during cool months)
~ROCK SCULPTING (abstracts)
~TENNIS (ALTA & watching)
~rocks & minerals (digging & collecting)
~son (to Carl), father (to Stephanie, David, Sarah & Kyle) & grandfather
~READING (more often than not, listening to CDs...he likes sci-fi)
~wants to go to MARS (not gonna happen)
~TRAVELER (mostly the Americas)
~CHERRY COKE (or just a jar of cherries!)

Back to ME

Long Version:

Ron began taking photographs for his work as an industrial designer.  When they would finish a project they would need photographs of the completed piece.  Not satisfied with the average, Ron enrolled in a night school and completed a program for photographers, learning all of the technical side of photography to go along with his natural artistic ability.  

Since then, he has honed his skills photographing an amazing range of subjects, including polar bears in Churchill, Canada, bald eagles in Homer, Alaska, & endangered species in Ecuador & Panama.  

When asked which of his images is his favorite, he answers, "The one I haven't taken yet."

Meet Him

Begin Again

His long Version

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gallery five

gallery eight

with family



Love notes:

"Ellen, Thank you for helping to make this the best day of my life! You will always be very special to me. One of my favorite sayings, that Doug and I share is this... Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. You have captured memories that take my breath away. You are truly an artist and my friend." --Carolann & Doug

1st eighteen

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"Ellen and company are amazing! They took so many beautiful pictures at Stewart and my wedding. I have received so many compliments from family and friends about the quality of the pictures. Ellen met with us and asked what we wanted. She also took the time to come to the rehearsal to ask the church what was allowed and to scope out the scene for picture opportunities. What makes McRaney Photography stand out, besides the beautiful pictures, is the professionalism and personality of the photographers. Ellen and Ron even made the formal pictures fun. McRaney Photography exceeded every expectation that we had and more. We could not be happier with the photography. I would definitely use McRaney Photography again and recommend them to everyone" --Maria & Stewart

"We are so happy with our pictures, Ellen did a fantastic job! I highly recommend her to any bride who wants outstanding quality shots of her wedding day!" --Martha & Junior

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